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Auto Basic Insurance

All B.C. motorists must carry Basic Autoplan insurance that includes the following five benefits:

  • $200,000 Third-Party Liability

    If you are involved in an at-fault accident, this will protect you from any claims made against you for material damage or bodily injury to the other party.

    We highly recommend that you carry much higher limits, which are available at a reasonable premium. Speak to our Autoplan staff for further details.

  • Accident Benefits

    This will pay for the loss of wages or benefits, rehabilitation, and medical expenses related to an auto accident death regardless of who was at fault.

  • Underinsured Motorist Protection

    This will cover you and your family for your injuries in the event that you are involved in an accident where the other party does not carry adequate insurance coverage.

  • Hit and Run/Uninsured Motorists

    Your Basic Autoplan policy will cover you to the limit of $200,000 if you are injured or killed by a hit and run or uninsured motorist.

  • Inverse Liability Coverage

    This will cover you in any North American jurisdiction where the law restricts you from recovering your losses from a driver that caused the accident.


The Basic Autoplan policy will not cover you outside of the Canada and United States. Should you wish to travel to Mexico or to any other country outside of North America, it is recommended that you purchase adequate insurance for those jurisdictions.


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